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Olympians From These 5 Sports Are Getting The Most Action On Dating Apps In South Korea

A picture of the Olympic Rings in South Korea.

(Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

The Winter Olympics aren't just a time for competition. They can be a time for love (or just something casual...)

Dating apps in South Korea have seen a huge spike in usage since the Winter Games begin last week. There was actually an Instagram account details all of the Winter Olympians There Are A Ton Of Olympians On Tinder At The Winter Olympics

">that are on Tinder.

Bumble has seen a big uptick in usage, too. It's released some data.

From TMZ Sports:

PyeongChang's Olympic village is hook-up central for alpine skiers ... who are hitting the dating app, Bumble, as hard as they hit the slopes.

Bumble says most competitors -- from all countries, not just the U.S. -- have seen a 50% spike in swipes since the games started a little over a week ago. Translation: someone's gotta help you "stretch" on your off days, right?

Bumble says the following five sports are getting the most action on Bumble. Here are the five sports that are getting the most swipes:

1. Alpine skiers

2. Hockey

3. Freestyle skiers

4. Snowboarders

5. Ski jumpers

The 2018 Winter Olympics continue today. Coverage will be on NBC and its sister channels.