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Olympians From These Sports Got Right-Swiped The Most On Tinder

Tinder data just revealed who really scored big - or had the potential to - in Rio.

The hookup culture of the Olympics most noticeably grew during the 2014 Winter Games, when organizers loosened social media guidelines in place during the 2012 Summer Games in London. Following suit, active Tinder users, matches and swipes around the Rio Olympic Village increased faster than medals were competed for.

Specifically, the app reported that said that matches in the Village were up 129 percent on last weekend of the games.

We already know which athletes were on Tinder during the games: Ryan Lochte, Simone Manuel and Rickie Fowler, to name a few. How? One Instagram account, @SportsSwipe, uncovered which athletes were actually using the app, and others like Bumble, while participating in the events.

But who was getting the most love on the app?

To figure this out, Tinder gathered data from users' bios. Specifically, if users listed themselves as, say. a professional sprinter, the app recorded it.

Today, Tinder released the top six sports with which the most-requestioned users were associated, based upon gender:

Women's sports

  1. Table Tennis
  2. Field Hockey
  3. Rowing
  4. Weightlifting
  5. Rugby
  6. Swimming

Men's sports

  1. Tennis
  2. Weightlifting
  3. Gymnastics
  4. Sport Shooting
  5. Judo
  6. Boxing

Of course, Tinder doesn't have information on whether or not any of these matches actually worked out. However, it's safe to say that some athletes likely took advantage of the proximity.

Do the results surprise you?