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Meet Paige Spiranac, The Golfer/Model Feuding With Britt McHenry Over Her SI Swimsuit Photos

Paige Spiranac hits golf ball from a guy's mouth.


Paige Spiranac and Britt McHenry appear to have gotten off on the wrong foot.

Sports Illustrated's annual Swimsuit Issue, which often causes controversy, caused a bit more than usual this year. The 2018 edition, which hits this week, features a number of women posing nude as part of a project titled "In Her Own Words." The project centers around self-empowerment. Aly Raisman, the former United States Olympic gymnast, was one of the women involved.

Another was Paige Spiranac, who is both an aspiring professional golfer and a de facto Instagram model. Spiranac hasn't cracked the LPGA Tour, but she has landed the covers of numerous golf magazines, causing controversy along the way.

This week, Spiranac got into a bit of a feud with former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry. McHenry, who since being let go by the WorldWide Leader last year has been attempting to become a conservative voice, took to Twitter to criticize the women who took part in the project. Her comments prompted a back-and-forth with Spiranac, which eventually led to the two joining a Barstool Radio segment to hash it out.

Spiranac maintains that she should be able to feel empowered with her body in whatever manner she feels. She eventually took to Instagram to explain her point of view on the manner.

McHenry, in the aftermath, still appears to be taking shots. She took things a step further on Thursday, suggesting she's never had to "take her clothes off" to get attention.

It'll be interesting to see where this conversation heads in the future. Clearly, not all women are in agreement.