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Paul Finebaum Crushes Major Fan Base, Calls Them "Delusional"

Paul Finebaum speaks on his show on ESPN.

Paul Finebaum/ESPN.

ESPN college football analyst Paul Finebaum crushed a college football fan base on Monday, calling them "delusional."

Finebaum went off on UCF during his Monday morning appearance on WJOX, questioning what the Knights have really achieved despite going undefeated.

The ESPN college football analyst said he's really interested in seeing what the College Football Playoff Selection Committee does with UCF tonight.

“I want to see if the committee listens to the noise, plays the political correctness game and ranks UCF ahead of a school like Kentucky, who has done something this year, who has gone on the road and beat a good Florida team, who has gone to A&M and played to an overtime game. And if they do that, then this committee begins to lose all credibility, because UCF shouldn’t be in the Top 10. They shouldn’t be anywhere near the Top 10.”

Finebaum then crushed UCF's athletic director and their fans.

"The only thing UCF has going for them is a grandstanding athletic director who just can’t keep his mouth shut, but also can’t schedule a decent opponent,” Finebaum said. “And (UCF has) a fan base that is delusional.”

UCF, 7-0, is ranked No. 9 in the latest top 25 poll.

The first College Football Playoff rankings of the season are set to come out tonight.