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The Latest On Paul Finebaum's Potential Departure From ESPN

Paul Finebaum speaks on his show on ESPN.

Paul Finebaum/ESPN.

Paul Finebaum is one of the most recognizable college football personalities on ESPN. The longtime radio man is synonymous with the SEC and its passionate fans.

However, Finebaum could potentially leave the network. He's in the middle of contract negotiations with ESPN and has reportedly been pursued by several competitors.

FOX Sports and the Big Ten Network, as well Sirius XM, are just a few of the companies showing interest in Finebaum. If they land him, it would change up the landscape of college football media.

However, the latest report from Sporting News' Michael McCarthy indicates that Finebaum is "still likely" to re-up at the Worldwide Leader.

McCarthy has been on top of these things for a while, so he's a quality source.

Additionally, Sports Business Journal reported that Finebaum is "close" to a new deal with ESPN. The article itself is behind a paywall, but the tweet can be found below.

Right now, it looks like Finebaum will be back with ESPN, provided negotiations don't fall through.

We'll see if anything changes though.