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ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski Says Paul George's "Thinking Has Changed"

Paul George smiles at the camera.

Paul George is set to become a free agent on Sunday. For a while, everyone assumed that the All-Star guard would be signing a big deal with the Lakers as soon as possible. That is no longer the case, though.

Los Angeles' chances of landing PG13 this summer appear to be dwindling. The Oklahoma City Thunder are growing increasingly optimistic about their chances of re-signing him.

George has said he feels there's more to accomplish in Oklahoma City.

"Here they have made a huge risk in trading for me, knowing I have one year on my deal," George said. "But I felt I didn’t finish as strong as I could have. Just knowing you left something on the table, even to this point now, it weighs on me."

George's thought process has changed, basically.

The All-Star forward is very comfortable in Oklahoma City. He enjoys playing next to Russell Westbrook.

A year ago, George was locked in on heading to L.A. Now, that is very much in doubt.

It's obviously still possible that the Lakers could land George in free agency, but two other stars appear to be more-likely gets.

LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard are targets for Los Angeles. The Lakers are the favorite to land LeBron in free agency and are probably the favorite to trade for Kawhi.