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A Penn State Arena Employee Allegedly Recorded 37 Videos Of Men Urinating In The Bathroom

An aerial shot of Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center.

According to a report from KDKA-TV, an employee at Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center is being accused of secretly recording 37 different videos of men urinating in a bathroom at the facility. The man being accused of the crime has been identified as Charles William Chamberlin, a 54-year-old who works in the arena.

The accusations stem from an incident during the State College Area High School prom in early May. A student claims that he asked a man who he believed was a chaperone where the closest bathroom was. The man, alleged to be Chamberlin, showed the student where it was and went in with him.

Here's more, via KDKA-TV:

The student told police he went to a urinal and Chamberlin went into a bathroom stall next to the urinal. As the student began to urinate, he says he heard the sound of a video camera being started on a smartphone, and when he looked over, he could see the camera side of a smartphone pointed at him through a small opening between the stall and the wall. The student then ran out of the bathroom.

The criminal complaint says video surveillance footage from the hallway outside the restroom shows Chamberlin and the student enter the restroom together, then the student runs out of the restroom with a “shocked” look on his face a minute later. Chamberlin exits the restroom nine minutes later.

The student's report led police to the surveillance video. Police obtained a search warrant and were able get hold of Chamberlin's phone. The complaint states that 37 different videos of men urinating were found on the device.

According to the report, Chamberlin is being charged with 76 counts of "invasion of privacy."

The videos span from April 2017 until April of 2018. Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center is the main facility for both the men's and women's basketball teams. It also hosts other events - such as concerts.

It's unclear what kind of jail time Chamberlin could be facing if convicted.