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PGA Champion Brooks Koepka Not Liked By Golf Writers - Here's Why

brooks koepka and his girlfriend jena sims at the us open

Brooks Koepka is doing things few others in the sport of golf have done before. The 28-year-old star out of Florida won his third major championship on Sunday, holding off Tiger Woods in the PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, Mo.

This is the third major title for Koepka. He's also won the last two U.S. Open championships.

Koepka, surely, is one of the rising stars in the game. He's becoming a household name and it's deserving.

Those who cover the sport, though, might not be the biggest fans of Koepka.

Sports Illustrated's Alan Shipnuck detailed why. From

I didn’t realize Koepka was still sizzling about this until Sunday night in Shinnecock. As I walked into the champion’s conference his agent got in my face and said, “Don’t even think about asking him a question.” I was so surprised I couldn’t formulate a reply. We were blocking the walkway and reporters were streaming in, so I just kept moving forward to find an open seat. Koepka was up at the dais, seated with his glittering trophy. When I looked up he pointed at me and said, “You, out.”

No player, even a reigning two-time U.S. Open champ, has the authority to eject a reporter from a press conference. I’m not sure any other player would even be thinking about it at such a moment. I took my seat. Koepka whispered something to the USGA official presiding over the proceedings and the press conference began. I hadn’t walked into the room with any particularly pressing question to ask and given the vibe in the room I decided it was prudent not to come up with one.

Koepka also didn't seem to truly embrace the moment on Sunday:

The full story can be read here.

And, regardless of how anyone feels about Koepka, he's now a three-time major champion and will probably be favored to win a fourth heading into 2019.