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PGA Golfer Involved In Serious Car Accident After Missing The Cut At The Memorial

A golf ball falling into the cup.

(Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

A PGA golfer was reportedly involved in a serious car accident after missing the cut at The Memorial tournament outside Columbus, Ohio. He is currently hospitalized with serious injuries.

Bud Cauley, a 28-year-old pro out of Alabama, has reportedly been hospitalized after getting involved in a serious car wreck in which he was the passenger.

The Golf Channel reports that Cauley has "five broken ribs, a collapsed lung and a fractured lower left leg."

Cauley was scheduled to play in a U.S. Open qualifier on Monday in Memphis, but he's had to withdraw from the event.

Fellow PGA pro Justin Thomas took to Twitter to ask for everyone to keep Cauley in their thoughts. "Not many people I love more in this world than my guy BC. Was a rough nights sleep last night. Glad to see and hear he’s been doing better. Prayers are needed and all we can do is hope for the best! Get well soon, homi," he wrote.

Our thoughts are with Bud and his family and friends. Hopefully he's feeling better and will make a fully recovery.