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Phil Mickelson Is Wearing A Ridiculous Shirt While Playing Today

Phil Mickelon tippig his hat while walking off the course.

Phil Mickelson is playing with Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler at The Players' Championship today. The feature group teed off about an hour ago.

It's 83 degrees in Palm Valley, Fla. today. So far, the group doesn't look too sweaty or bothered. That will probably change by the end of the round, though. Well, it'll probably change for Mickelson, at least.

Why just Phil? Because he's wearing a ridiculous long-sleeve dress shirt.

Check it out:

Mickelson isn't just doing this for fun. He has a big endorsement deal with the company that produces the shirts.


Mickelson has agreed to play while wearing the button-down, long-sleeve, performance-fabric shirt that had the internet buzzing when he donned it for a practice round at the Masters.

Mickelson will wear the shirt, made by Mizzen+Main, in exchange for an undisclosed stake in the company as well as cash.

"I like to be a trendsetter," Mickelson told ESPN.

Good for Phil. Hopefully he stays cool today.

The tournament is on NBC Sports.