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Photo: Alex Rodriguez's Game Notes For Tonight's Broadcast Are Interesting To Say The Least

Alex Rodriguez is preparing for his FS1 debut in unique fashion.

Tonight's Yankees-Royals game on FS1 will be a milestone event for Alex Rodriguez. It is the first game the former Yankee star will call as a color commentator in an MLB booth.

Judging by this photo posted earlier on the MLB on Fox Twitter account, A-Rod is getting ready for his debut as only he knows how.

Yes, that is a real photo. It is not a photoshop. In fact, MLB on Fox deleted the tweet.

Just in case you can't read cursive, A-Rod's notes read:


  • Birth control
  • Baby
  • Pull out stuff

You can also see the date January 31 on the opposite page. What happened here? Did A-Rod accidentally bring an old notebook from home with some mildly NSFW things written in it?

If he did, this shouldn't surprise you. It is A-Rod, after all.