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Photo: Here's The First Look At Kawhi Leonard In A Raptors Jersey

kawhi leonard speaks at nba all-star weekend

Kawhi Leonard is now a Toronto Raptor. Whether he likes it or not, that is his team for the next year (or at least until Toronto decides it has to trade him).

We don't know yet if Leonard's attitude toward Toronto will change. Maybe he warms up to the city, or maybe it is a miserable experience for him.

We also don't know how Leonard will play for the Raptors. He has to show he's healthy and in form.

But what we do know (sort of) is what he will look like in a Toronto uniform. We know this thanks to NBA 2k, which released its first glimpse of Kawhi with his new team last night.

Here's Kawhi in a black Raptors uniform. He's rated a 94 overall.

You can also see what DeMar DeRozan looks like in a Spurs uniform, courtesy of 2k.

Which team won this trade? It will take some time to find out.