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Photo Of Paraglider's Horrifying Crash Injury Is Going Viral


Have you ever been paragliding? If the answer is no, it's almost surely not going to turn into a yes in the future after seeing the following photos.

Ivan Krasouski, a 36-year-old paraglider, was impaled by a tree branch during a crash landing in Belarus.

The Daily Mail has obtained photos of the crash and the injury - it's absolutely horrifying.

"He was flying near the village of Loshany close to Minsk when a strap snapped and he lost control, plummeting into a forest," The Daily Mail says.

A massive branch reportedly pummeled through his shoulder, impaling him. Shockingly, he reportedly ended up OK.

Photos of the injury can be seen below.

WARNING: They are extremely graphic.

Take note: Do not go paragliding. And, if you do, do not crash into a massive tree branch.