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Photo Of This Canadian Fan At The Winter Olympics Is Going Viral

A naked Canadian fan sits in the crowd.

We're a little more than a week into the Winter Olympics. Things are getting a little weird in South Korea.

Last night, a Canadian man decided to take in one of the events. He did so with a beer in his hand and a Canada hat on his head. He had a scarf on, too.

And nothing else. Well, except for some shoes.

What's going on here, exactly? Hopefully he had more things on than he was showing on TV...

A naked Canadian fan sits in the crowd.

At least he's wearing stuff to keep part of him warm. Right?

This guy should try to be more like the following Canadian. He was taking in some curling and drinking beers supporting his country while wearing clothes.

"Favourite Olympic moment so far: Canadian curler Rachel Homan's husband double-fisting his third and fourth beers while watching his wife compete against Japan. It's 9am in Korea. Not all heroes wear capes," wrote Ben Johnson.

Now that is an image that deserved to go viral.