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Photo: The Worst Seat At The 2018 Final Four

These are the worst seats at the 2018 Final Four

The 2018 Final Four is underway. Michigan and Loyola-Chicago have tipped off on TBS.

This year's games are being played in San Antonio. It's at the Alamodome, which has a capacity of about 72,000.

When you play a basketball game in a gigantic stadium, you're going to get some rough seats. Everyone knows that going in.

Here's a photo of what might be the worst seat in the dome tonight. You can kind of see the court.

ESPN's Darren Rovell tweeted it out:

Not great. You're probably going to be watching a lot of the game on the gigantic TV screen inside the arena.

At least you're in the building, though. The atmosphere seems to be a good one tonight, too.

This evening's games are being televised on TBS. Villanova and Kansas are set to play later tonight. Those two teams will tip off about 40 minutes after the conclusion of this one.