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Photo: This Week's Sports Illustrated Cover Features Doug McDermott In An Homage To The 1977 Larry Bird Cover

Doug McDermott is a virtual lock for Naismith Player of the Year, so its no surprise that the Creighton superstar is the one to grace Sports Illustrated this week. The surprise is how he's doing it. 

This week's issue has McDermott posing with two Creighton cheerleaders, in a clear homage to the 1977 cover featuring "College Basketball's Secret Weapon", Indiana State star Larry Bird. 

McDermott is hardly a secret weapon at this point, but to get Larry Bird comparisons is pretty wild. McDermott averages 26.5 points per game this year, which isn't quite Bird's 32.8 in 1976-77, but impressive nonetheless.

">March 12, 2014