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These Photos Of HS Golfer Getting Attacked By A Goose Are Insane

a goose attacks a high school golfer

Photo courtesy of Devon Pitts

Anyone who says golf isn't a dangerous sport should probably talk to the high school golfer from Michigan who met an angry goose on the course.

A golfer for Blissfield High School in Michigan was minding his business during an event over the weekend when he was attacked by a goose. The pictures are pretty crazy.

As you can see, the player couldn't get away. The goose even made him tumble.

Apparently, this goose felt the golfers got too close to the nearby nest. He (or she) had to protect its territory.

">April 22, 2018

Thankfully, no geese or golfers were harmed in the creation of these viral photos.

">April 22, 2018

Be careful out there.