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Photos: Meet The Girl Who Went Viral After Catching A Foul Ball With Her Beer

Girl catches foul ball with her beer.

On Tuesday night, a girl lived all of our dreams when she caught a foul ball at a professional baseball game. It's the moment we all wish would happen to us, and it was made better by the fact that she caught the ball with a beer.

That's right, a beer.

A foul ball was sent high behind home plate at the San Diego Padres game against the Atlanta Braves. The Padres fell by a final score of 14-1, but fans won't remember the loss.

They'll remember Gabby DiMarco, who snagged the foul ball with a beer. She then proceeded to chug said beer.

Check it out.

She quickly went viral.

Her Instagram account has increased by over 1,500 followers in a matter of hours.

You can follow her here.