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Photos: Meet The Wife Of Xavier's New Coach, Travis Steele

A photo of a basketball ahead of a game between Oregon and Louisville.

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

It didn't take very long for Xavier's men's basketball program to hire a new coach. The Musketeers hired Chris Mack's top assistant.

Travis Steele, a longtime assistant coach under Mack, who left for Louisville, was hired by Xavier. The Musketeers have done well hiring from within in the past and many believe the same will be true with Steele.

Xavier's new head coach is doing well both on and off the court.

Travis Steele is married to Amanda Steele. The couple met on New Year's Eve a couple of years back.


Travis Steele’s move to Cincinnati to take a coaching position for the Xavier College basketball team forever changed his and Amanda McCaw’s lives by interlacing their fates. “Travis had just moved, and didn’t know anyone in the city, so he would just stay at the office all day and night,” recalls Amanda. “A mutual friend was in town and made Travis take a break from work and come out for New Year’s Eve with us.” The two were instantly taken with each other and inseparable from that very night.

You can meet Amanda Steele below.

Meet Amanda Steele, the wife of new Xavier head coach Travis Steele.

Steele is excited to get going at Xavier.

"I use the metaphor a little bit of climbing a mountain. What we have done is incredible. Chris Mack was incredible," Steele said shortly after his hire was announced. "I think we have to start looking at how can we climb the last two percent of that mountain, and that's the hardest part of the mountain to climb... We're building it the right way."