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Photos: Michael Jordan Unveils His Latest Shoe, The Air Jordan XXXI

The 31st edition of Michael Jordan's signature shoe has been unveiled. 

In Las Vegas this evening, the Jordan brand unveiled the Air Jordan XXXI. 

The shoe pays tribute to Jordan's first shoe, the Air Jordan I, which debuted in 1985. The shoe has a red and black colorway and features the word, "BANNED" on the sole. The Air Jordan I originally violated the NBA's uniform code, though Jordan continued to wear it during games. It was rumored that the NBA fined Jordan $5K for each game he wore them, but that has never been verified. 

Here's the shoe. 

">July 21, 2016

The Air Jordan XXI will be on-sale starting on Sept. 3 for $185.

The Air Jordan I originally retailed for $65 (a near-record high price for a basketball shoe at that time). 

More details of the shoe can be found here