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Photos Of Mark Few's Wife In The Stands Are Going Viral

Mark Few's wife watches her husband coach.

The NCAA Tournament is extremely stressful and emotional for all of the coaches and players involved.

It might be even more stressful for the coaches' significant others.

Take, for example, the wife of Gonzaga head coach Mark Few, Marcy Few. She's been going viral on social media tonight thanks to CBS.

CBS keeps showing Marcy in the stands of the Bulldogs' second round game against Ohio State.

She does not look relaxed.

Marcy has had her hands in prayer form for basically the entire game. We don't blame her.

It's been an extremely tight contest and it's down to the final couple of minutes.

Mark Few's wife Nancy watches Gonzaga.

Gonzaga currently leads Ohio State, 70-67.

The game is on CBS.