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Photos: Owner's Daughter Goes Viral At The NBA Awards

mallory edens milwaukee bucks owner daughter

Mallory Edens is a rising star in the NBA social media world. She might eventually be an owner of a team herself, too.

The daughter of the Milwaukee Bucks owner first became famous a couple of years ago at the NBA Draft Lottery, when she represented her dad's team.

She's had a growing following ever since.

Recently, Edens spoke to TMZ Sports about Becky Hammon and what it means for women in the NBA.

"I'd love to see a female commissioner one day. There are so many roles in the NBA that are yet to fill. I think even if we start to fill a few of them we'll start to see a positive change," she said.

Edens herself has a goal of eventually owning an NBA team.

She was at the NBA Awards last week with her family.

Mallory now has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram. You can follow her here.