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Photos: Rob Gronkowski Is Dating An SI Swimsuit Model

Camille Kostek wearing a red bikini.

Sorry, ladies. Rob Gronkowski appears to be taken.

Camille Kostek, who has been linked to the New England Patriots star tight end for years, spoke to The Morning Breath earlier this week. She gave an update on her "boyfriend" Rob.

Gronkowski is coming off a Super Bowl loss. He also had his Boston-area home robbed earlier this month.

“There’s been a lot of times when if he’s been away at games, I’ll just stay at the house, hold down the fort, but I keep thinking about it,” Kostek said. “If I were in his bedroom and I was locked in there and someone just broke the window and came in the house, what would I do?”

Kostek, meanwhile, has been pretty busy on her own. She's a part of this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Kostek, 25, is in this year's issue, but she's not officially a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. She is, though, a finalist for the SI Swimsuit rookie position in 2019.

"Being a model in the 2018 issue already feels like WINNING.... BUT I can come back as an @si_swimsuit official rookie for the 2019 issue with YOUR help. Click the link in my bio to vote me as model search winner so I can be excited to continue my insane journey with a team turned to family," she wrote on Instagram.

Kostek isn't just a model. She's getting into acting and will be in some major films this year, she told

"I’ve auditioned for two big feature films and I got the call both times. I will be in a movie with Amy Schemer, and I will be in a movie with Denzel Washington. And in both roles, I have speaking lines with both of those people in their movies, so I really lucked out," she said.

More photos of Kostek can be seen below.