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Photos: Steph Curry's Mom Went Viral During Game 4

Stephen Curry's mom sipping a drink.

Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, unfortunately, has not been as exciting as Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals was. The Celtics are currently beating the Cavs with relative ease. Hopefully we get a good finish.

Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals should be great, though.

The Warriors and the Rockets played an insanely fun Game 4, with Houston pulling out the win late, giving us what should be an awesome three-game series moving forward.

We had a lot going on in Game 4, including some fun crowd shots of Mr. and Mrs. Curry.

Steph Curry missed a potential game-tying 3 with time expiring and, of course, the cameras went right to the stands.

Check it out:

Mrs. Curry had quite the outfit for Game 4, too. She was wearing a jacket that said "Splash Mother" on the back. Check it out:

Game 5 of this series is set for Thursday night at 9 p.m. E.T. It'll be on TNT. We can't wait.