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Photos: The World Cup Referee Is Going Viral On Twitter

world cup referee is going viral on twitter

The 2018 World Cup Final is underway. France is taking on Croatia for the sport's most-prestigious trophy. The game is being televised on FOX.

So far, the person getting most of the love on social media for this World Cup Final has not been one of the players in the contest. It's the referee.

The referee, Nestor Pitana, has been going viral on social media. The Argentina native has some pretty jacked arms and a look that many people think is familiar.

Some in America thinks he's soccer's version of Ed Hochuli, the famous NFL referee who was more jacked than most of the players on the field.

Others think he looks similar to an actor.

Here's more information on the referee, from Metro UK:

He officiated the tournament’s first game Russia played against Saudi Arabia and he will be only the second referee to officiate both the opening and closing games of a World Cup. The Argentine has been on FIFA’s International Referees List since 2010 and he has officiated eight World Cup fixtures in that time. In the 2014 World Cup he was the referee for three group stage matches and was also in charge of the quarter-final match between France and Germany.

He certainly has everyone talking this morning.

The World Cup Final is currently on FOX.