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Police Announce Official Death Toll For Shooting At Madden NFL Tournament

madden shooting at tournament in florida

Tragedy struck a Madden 19 tournament in Jacksonville, Fla. on Sunday, when a gunman opened fire on the tournament inside a mall in Florida.

Jacksonville Police announced on Sunday night the official details for the shooting. Two of the tournament's players, along with the shooter, died on the scene. has the details:

One of the men shot and killed at a gaming tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, on Sunday had won the national tournament, the Madden Classic, two years ago.

The other was a former high school football player who loved to play the online version of his favorite sport, and had won $51,000 in his short gaming career.

They both died in the shooting at the GLHF Game Bar Sunday, where they were attending a tournament for competitive players of the football video game, Madden. The winners would go on to a higher level tournament in Las Vegas in October, where large cash prizes could be won.

The alleged killer is believed to have been a player in the tournament. He allegedly opened fire after being eliminated from the tournament.

Official details on the alleged shooter and the victims have not yet been released.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected.