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Police Release Photos From Johnny Manziel's 2016 Domestic Violence Arrest

Johnny Manziel doing the Heisman pose.

Police have released photos and additional details from Johnny Manziel's 2016 domestic violence arrest, stemming from an alleged incident with his ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley. TMZ Sports first obtained the information.

Manziel's ex-girlfriend, Crowley, alleges that the quarterback hit her multiple times during an incident in Jan. 2016. Manziel's case was later dismissed when he agreed to counseling and to stay away from his ex.

The photos and additional information are being made public now as Manziel has completed his counseling sessions.

TMZ Sports has details on what allegedly happened:

Crowley told police she and Manziel met up at a hotel on January 29 and planned to spend the night together. They began having a discussion about "him being with a girl who had caused us problems in the past."

Crowley says she told Manziel she was going to sleep on the couch -- and that's when he threw her on the bed.

In the report, Crowley says Manziel told her he was just being playful but "it frightened me." At that point, Crowley says she told Manziel she was leaving.


Crowley told police Manziel followed her and threw her to the ground, telling her, "I'm not going to let you leave."

Eventually, he agreed to drive her to her car. Once in her car, Crowley says Manziel was driving and she tried to get out and hide in some bushes but Manziel tracked her down and forced her back in the ride.

Crowley says she injured her back when Manziel threw her into the car -- causing bruises and pain.

Crowley had previously opened up about her relationship with Manziel. She spoke to the New York Post earlier this year and divulged more details.

Manziel is currently attempting a comeback into the NFL. He's playing in a spring league and hopes to catch onto an NFL roster for 2018.