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Baseball Team Saved Elderly Woman From A Burning Car

A pile of used baseballs in a dugout.

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

On their way to a game against the Kelowna Falcons on Tuesday, players from the West Coast League's Port Angeles Lefties came upon a pretty serious car accident. It wound up being an extremely fortuitous encounter.

The team had missed exits on the highway as it crossed the Washington border into Canada. As a result, they came upon a smoking vehicle on the side of the road.

Head coach Darren Westergard and a group of players riding in his SUV got out, and helped 67-year old Linda Jack out of the vehicle.

Moments later, it burst into flames. From Kelowna Now:

“The guys in the back were sleeping and we hit the brakes and woke them up real quick,” said Lefties Manager Darren Westergard.

“We rushed down there and the front end was already on fire, so we pulled her out and not long after the whole car went up in flames.”

The woman trapped inside the smoking vehicle was 67-year-old Kelowna resident Linda Jack.

“I had ended up off the road and was really in peril,” said Jack. “Darren came and got the car door open and helped me out, while the rest of the boys grabbed my insurance papers and luggage.”

Unfortunately Linda Jack, a baseball fan, was unable to make the Port Angeles Lefties game that night.

She is recovering from a broken hand. It is unclear based on the report whether it was suffered during the accident. Luckily, it sounds like she is okay otherwise, and hopes to make tonight's game, the end of a three-game series.

The West Coast League features teams from Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, and current collegiate and college-eligible players. The Lefties roster features players from Houston, UConn, UCF, Utah, TCU, Tulane, and other programs.

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