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Here Is A Printable 2018 NCAA Tournament Bracket

Printable version of the NCAA Tournament bracket.

The NCAA Tournament bracket has been unveiled. The games are about to begin.

Of course, it's time to start making your picks. Who are you going to have making the Final Four? Who are you going to have winning it all?

More importantly: What upsets are you going to pick? Is this finally going to be the year a No. 1 seed goes down in the first round?

You're probably going to be filling out most of your brackets on a computer, but if you're like me, you'll want to have one hard copy, too. Filling out a bracket by hand just feels better, right?

You need a full printable bracket to do that.

Here you go:

An NCAA tournament bracket.

Start filling out those brackets, people! The games begin in two days.

The play-in contests will take place on Tuesday. They'll run through Wednesday.

The first round starts on Thursday. That runs through Friday.