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Prominent NFL Writer Gets Exposed By Deadspin

This isn't a great look for The Ringer.

Deadspin published today what was basically an expose of the quarterback knowledge of former football executive and current NFL writer for The Ringer, Michael Lombardi.

Lombardi, who previously worked for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland Raiders, and Cleveland Browns, now does NFL columns for Bill Simmons' site.

Today, he published a post titled, "Seven Habits for Drafting a Highly Successful QB."

And now Deadspin's post:

From Deadspin:

The thesis, so far as I can tell, is I, Michael Lombardi, can tell you how to identify successful quarterbacks. This is rather a bold claim coming from someone whose résumé—after something like two decades spent hiring football players for a living—contains no notable examples of having identified a theretofore unidentified successful quarterback. Michael Lombardi will not let inauspicious results stop him from claiming the authority that comes from success; I wonder if he thinks that is a trait he shares with successful quarterbacks.

Lombardi's history of evaluating quarterbacks has since come into question. For example, he thought Blaine Gabbert and Ryan Mallet were stronger bets than Cam Newton.

While there is a perception about Mallett, the reality is much different. With that in mind, my money is on Mallett and Blaine Gabbert being the two to succeed. Each fits the criteria above and has the skill set to lead a team.

Only time will tell who is right.

He wasn't right.