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Punishment Revealed For Guy Who Streaked At Phoenix Open

A golf streaker passed out on green.

Here's the punishment for the guy who streaked at the Phoenix Open.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is maybe the wildest event in sports. It goes by "Wasted Management Open" to many, after all.

The open took place this past weekend and, of course, lived up to its name. It featured a ton of debauchery.

The most-viral act came in the form of a streaker. A guy ran naked at the infamous No. 17 hole.

Punishment has been revealed for the guy. It's pretty significant.

From the Golf Channel:

Despite losing his job and facing $1,500 in fines, Adam Stalmach doesn’t entirely regret stripping down to his socks and running across the 17th fairway last week at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Stalmach, 24, was caught on video running across the hole naked during Wednesday’s pro-am round, taking time to splash sand in a greenside bunker and break dance in the fairway. In an interview with after spending five days in jail, Stalmach said he was “embarrassed” and “regretful” but defended the entertainment aspect of the stunt.

Adam doesn't regret it, though. He says it was worth it.

“Yeah, it was worth it,” he said. “As long as people got a kick out of it, it was worth it.”

Video of the act can be seen below. It's NSFW: