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Everyone Is Making The Same Joke About Rachel DeMita Dating Andre Roberson

Rachel Demita sits on the ground in sweatpants.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Instagram model Rachel DeMita, who also played college basketball at Old Dominion, is now in a relationship with Oklahoma City Thunder player Andre Roberson. The duo, should they stay together, could become one of the more high-profile tandems in the NBA circuit.

The irony here, though, is what everyone wants to seem to talk about. DeMita, who is a social media star, is still a pretty good ballplayer. She's also a really good shooter - to the point where she's put out videos on YouTube to show off her shooting prowess.

Why does this matter? Roberson is one of the worst shooters in the NBA. He's a career 47% from the free throw line. So yes, while Roberson is in the NBA, it's DeMita who is the far better shooter of the two.

Others are making a similar joke - that landing DeMita was the one shot that Roberson will ever hit.

Here's a video of DeMita shooting the lights out during a free throw competition. She's no joke.

Perhaps DeMita can actually help Roberson become a better shooter. That'd be a win for all.