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The Radio Call Of The Tennessee Hail Mary Winner Over Georgia Is Glorious

The Tennessee Hail Mary game winner just became the top finish of the year and you have to hear the radio calls.

It's one of the most exciting plays in all of sports. Hail Mary game winners are far from common, so when we do get the pleasure of witnessing one the radio calls describing the play are always fun to hear.

Take a listen to the national radio call of the absurd play:

If you want a more Tennessee driven radio call of the final play, take a listen to this. We'll just go ahead and throw out the "don't be biased rule" out of the window for this one:

College sports radio broadcasters may not get enough credit. In today's world of technology where we can literally watch the games in the camera angle of our choosing, it's easy to forget about those painting a picture on the radio and these are fantastic calls.