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FOX Sports Radio Host Makes Inappropriate Comment About Loyola's Sister Jean

Loyola Chicago's Sister Jean gets interviewed.

A FOX Sports radio host in Knoxville is getting crushed for what can only be described as an inappropriate comment about Loyola Chicago Team Chaplain Sister Jean.

Loyola Chicago is one of the best stories of this year's NCAA Tournament. The Ramblers have upset both Miami and Tennessee en route to the Sweet 16. Along the way, their Team Chaplain, Sister Jean, who is 98 years old, has become a bit of a celebrity.

Sister Jean, whose real name is Dolores Schmidt, leads the team in prayer before every game. She's been interviewed numerous times. She predicted the team would reach the Sweet 16 - and she was right.

Unfortunately, not even 98-year-old chaplains are off limits these days. A FOX Sports Knoxville radio host named Cody McClure, after watching Tennessee lose on Saturday night, made a very inappropriate comment about Sister Jean.

McClure, who has yet to delete the post (don't worry, he will eventually), is getting it from all angles. Yahoo's Pat Forde is one of many who have called him out.

Warning - it features graphic language:

FOX Sports radio host Cody McClure's obscene tweet about Sister Jean.
Pat Forde calls out Cody McClure.

It's never fun when your team loses in the NCAA Tournament. But this is pretty disgusting.

Loyola Chicago will get the winner of Nevada vs. Cincinnati next.