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Radio Host Says He's Not Being Fired Over 'F--k Sister Jean' Tweet

Loyola Chicago's Sister Jean gets interviewed.

A Tennessee radio host went viral over the weekend for a controversial "joke" he made about Sister Jean, the 98-year-old nun associated with Loyola-Chicago's men's basketball team.

The host, WKGN-AM midday host Cody McClure, tweeted out a four-letter insult/joke toward Sister Jean after Tennessee's upset loss to Loyola-Chicago on Saturday afternoon.

"F--k Sister Jean - everyone," he tweeted.

The Chicago Tribune caught up with McClure for his thought process on the tweet and what's transpired since. He says it was meant simply as a joke.

"It was not an emotional response over a basketball game, nor was it meant to be a slight toward Catholicism or the elderly in general. The joke value came because of the fact we were dealing with a 98-year-old nun who is deservingly beloved by people for her outstanding service. Anything said that would oppose that would create a little shock value, right? It was meant to be comedic — cheap maybe — but comedic. A lot of people got a kick out of it and a lot of people were offended by it," McClure told The Tribune.

A lot of people angry with the tweet told McClure he'd surely lose his job over it. Will he?

McClure says his boss called him on Saturday and told him he would not be fired.

“My boss sent me a text,’’ McClure said. “Asked me, ‘Are we sure about that tweet?’ I had a phone conversation and apologized to him for rattling everyone on a Saturday night. He told me he wasn’t going to fire me. But if he did I would accept it. My boss is so wonderful that he gives us ultimate freedom to say what we want to say because we can be 100 percent genuine.’’

You can read his full interview with The Tribune here.