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Rece Davis Weighs In On The NCAA's Decision On Louisville

Rece Davis is not a fan of the NCAA's decision on Tuesday.

Tuesday, the NCAA made its final decision on Louisville's sex scandal, denying the program's appeal. As a result, the Cardinals are forced to forfeit over 120 games from 2012-2015, including the 2013 national title. It's one of the harshest penalties in NCAA history - and it's the first time a D1 men's basketball program has been forced to vacate an NCAA Tournament title.

ESPN's Rece Davis, who is the host for both the college football College GameDay and the college basketball College GameDay, weighed in on the decision Tuesday afternoon. In short, he's not a fan.

Davis believes that the offenders themselves should be the ones punished. He doesn't think that vacating wins or titles accomplishes anything.

"I disagree w/the punishment of vacating games of championships. It's silly. Accomplishes little or nothing. When rules are broken, heavy fines, show causes for offenders, etc. seem more appropriate. We saw the game. We know Louisville won."

Unfortunately, when the NCAA makes this kind of ruling, there is all types of collateral damage. Many of the players and coaches on the team had nothing to do with the scandal, yet they're being forced to vacate a national title.

It's also rough for the fans, who obviously had nothing to do with it.

On the other hand, if vacating wins and titles upsets programs - perhaps that creates a natural incentive not to cheat the system. That doesn't really seem to be the case though, given the current climate in college basketball.

Louisville fans - do you agree with Rece Davis?