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Recruiting Expert's Old Tweet About QB Patrick Mahomes Is Going Viral

patrick mahomes is making old recruiting experts look bad

Patrick Mahomes is the talk of the NFL today. The Kansas City Chiefs' second-year quarterback had an insane start against the Steelers, leading his team to a dominant road win in Pittsburgh.

Mahomes, a 2017 NFL Draft pick, completed 23 of 28 passes for 326 yards and 6 (!) touchdowns in the 42-37 win over the Steelers. This was coming off a Week 1 performance in which Mahomes threw for 256 yards and 4 touchdowns.

It's early, obviously, but few NFL quarterbacks in history have looked better through their first two starts of a season.

He's absolutely killing it for fantasy football owners, too.

"Patrick Mahomes already has 66.6 fantasy points through two games — and these are career starts two and three for him! That's already the 2nd-most fantasy points that any quarterback since 1950 has had through Week 2 of a season — only Ryan Fitzpatrick this year has more."

That's pretty, pretty good. There was some doubt about Mahomes' ability to lead this Chiefs' team heading into the 2018 season. Few have doubted his talent, but this is a Kansas City team hoping to make a Super Bowl run, and it traded Alex Smith and put the offense in Mahomes' hands this offseason. Anytime something like that happens, there's going to be a bit of caution. Mahomes is doing everything he can to wipe all of that away, though. He's also making some football experts look bad. This old tweet about Mahomes from recruiting guru Mike Farrell is going viral. "Chiefs just made the dumbest move of the draft. Mahomes has a cannon, but he freelances way too much," he wrote.

Well, it certainly wasn't the dumbest move of the draft. It might actually end up being the best.