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Report: A's Matt Joyce Calls Fan Anti-Gay Slur

The Oakland outfielder says he regretted what he said.

Oakland A's outfielder Matt Joyce reportedly got into it with a fan during the loss to the Los Angeles Angels on Friday night.

Joyce, 33, allegedly called the fan an anti-gay slur.

The outfielder told the Associated Press he regretted his decision.

As Joyce returned to the dugout, he uttered several profanities at the fan, called him a gay slur and challenged him to fight, according to Associated Press photographer Mark J. Terrill, who overheard the exchange. Terrill said he did not hear the first part of the exchange.

“It’s just one of those things that fans kind of get into the game. Obviously, we’re pretty frustrated on our side and I had just hit a ball hard and had Cron make a good play,” Joyce said. “I was walking back to the dugout and just had a fan yell some vulgar and obscene words. For me it just wasn’t the right time to say some stuff like that. I fired back and obviously as soon as you fire back you regret saying anything, because it’s just not worth it.”

Is a suspension possible for Joyce?

Toronto outfielder Kevin Pillar got a two-game suspension earlier in the season after an altercation with a Braves' pitcher that involved a slur.