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Report: Entire Grambling State Team Skips Practice To Send Message To Administration, "Basically A Mutiny"


Often in sports, you hear about divided locker rooms or dissension among players and coaches when things aren't going well. Not often do you hear about an all-out mutiny, which is what is currently happening at Grambling State.

According to the Shreveport Times, not one member of the Tigers football team attended practice on Wednesday. This followed a meeting gone sour with the administration on Tuesday, as well as another incident during weight lifting:

The source said the teams’ frustrations have been boiling over a period time. Those frustrations include what’s considered as general disrespect from administration, not receiving all meals on road trips, taking a bus to distant locations like Kansas City and Indianapolis and the poor state of facilities like the weight room.

Players attended morning weight training until the session abruptly ended after one player was kicked out after voicing his opinion in Tuesday’s meeting. All players left the weight training session. That walk-on was initially dismissed from the team, but the source said he was admitted back to the team and that Ragsdale is considering a suspension instead.

You can read the full report here.

The administration is currently looking into the situation and considering making some changes. I'd say that's a good idea since the team is 0-7 and none of the players are showing up to practice.