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Report: ESPN Had Discussions With This Former Network Star

ESPN logo.

The Worldwide Leader admits that it talked to Dan Patrick.

Dan Patrick hasn't worked at ESPN in a decade. The former SportsCenter star reportedly considered a return to the network.

Sporting News reports that ESPN had discussions with Patrick about a return to Bristol. Patrick left ESPN in 2007 in not-so-loving fashion.

Patrick, who hosts The Dan Patrick Show daily and Football Night In America on NBC, has a contract that's expiring soon. So, he talked to ESPN about a potential return.

It's not likely to happen, though.

ESPN has explored a very big reunion with prodigal son Dan Patrick.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed to Sporting News Sunday that it has talked with Patrick, whose dual contracts with NBC Sports and AT&T SportsNet expire this month. But ESPN sources said a reunion with Patrick is unlikely to happen barring a miracle Hail Mary pass at the last second.

"We had conversations with Dan and he has many fans in Bristol. But our radio lineup is strong and we aren't looking to make a change," spokesman Mike Soltys told Sporting News.

Watching Patrick co-host a SportsCenter would be a ton of fun. He appears to be really happy in his current role at NBC, though.

You can read the full report here.