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Report: Kevin Durant To Take Significantly Less Than The Max

The All-Star is reportedly willing to take a lot less.

Steph Curry agreed a five-year deal worth more than $200 million at the start of NBA free agency. It's the largest contract in league history.

His running mate, Kevin Durant, is eligible to do something similar.

But he's not going to do that.

Durant is reportedly going to sign for significantly below the max in order to help Golden State hold onto its role players and not go too deep into the luxury tax.

From the Mercury News:

Durant, according to multiple sources, is not just passing on the new maximum contract he could get, which would start at $34.65 million. His plan is to also pass on taking the maximum raise he is eligible for, which would start his salary at $31.6 million.

Could he go as low as $28 million? Or $25 million?

The exact figure is being worked out now, but Durant’s willingness to take even less than his expected 20 percent bump is how the Warriors were able to sign Andre Iguodala for $48 million and Shaun Livingston for $24 million, both over three years.

So not only do the Warriors have the best team in the NBA - by far - they also have a superstar who's willing to be unselfish.

Not fair.