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Report: Kyrie Irving Is Jealous Of John Wall, Damian Lillard

Irving wants to be the focal point of a franchise like his peers.

Kyrie Irving is 25. John Wall is 26. Damian Lillard is 27.

They're three of the best point guards in the NBA and they all came into the league at roughly the same time. They've been compared to each other a lot. One has an NBA championship and a big Nike deal. The other two, though, are the focal points of their respective franchises.

Guess who is jealous of the other?

ESPN is reporting that Irving would like to have what Wall and Lillard do - control, basically.

There were ancillary issues that bothered Irving, too, such as how James' good friend Randy Mims had a position on the Cavs' staff and traveled on the team plane while none of Irving's close friends were afforded the same opportunity. Irving chafed about how peers such as Damian Lillard and John Wall were the center of their franchises and catered to accordingly. There's irony there, as Wall was envious of Irving's Nike shoe deal and Lillard has never advanced beyond the second round of the playoffs. Irving has been to three Finals and has a championship.

You can read ESPN's full story here.