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Report: Major Layoffs Coming To Fox Sports

The FOX Sports 1 logo in blue, black and white.

Fox Sports is having major layoffs on the digital side.

Major layoffs are coming to Fox Sports, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is reporting that Fox Sports management has decided to cut its online writing staff to pour more resources into video.

From Bloomberg:

Fox Sports will eliminate about 20 writing and editing positions in Los Angeles and replace them with a similar number of jobs in video production, editing and promotion. Executives told staff in meetings Monday after outlining the new strategy in a memo obtained by Bloomberg. Affected employees will be encouraged to apply for the new posts.

The owner of Fox News and the Fox broadcast network has decided that paying writers to cover sporting events, pen columns or grade teams’ NBA draft moves is best left to ESPN and other news-focused sports sites. Fox is opting to divert those resources into producing online video that complements on-air shows, can be packaged into advertising sales across the web and TV, and has the potential to go viral on social media.

Fox Sports has been making serious changes across the board. A new morning show featuring Cris Carter and Nick Wright is coming to Fox Sports 1 this fall. Former ESPN executive Jamie Horowitz is leading the rebranding.