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Report: The NCAA Changed Some March Madness Bracketing Rules For The Tournament


I know, I know -- everyone is focused on college football right now. But really, we're getting close to the college basketball season too -- it's only 56 days away!

Today, the NCAA announced a few small rules changes for how the NCAA Tournament is bracketed. They are:

Rod Wellman, the Chair of the Division I Men's Basketball Committee, explained the changes this way:

“It is important we avoid the top teams from leagues receiving multiple bids to the tournament from playing one another when they are seeded in the first quadrant. But after those first four lines are seeded, we want to remain as true to the seed lines as possible. Too often we have had to move teams up and down a line because we have been limited by our principles on teams from the same league. These changes will give us permissions we have not had previously.”

We don't think any fans will be too upset about the changes, as they actually make the matchups more true to seed lines, as Wellman indicated. You can read more quotes from Wellman here.