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Player On Rhode Island's Bench Goes Viral After His Reaction To Travel Call

Player on Rhode Island bench celebrates.

A player on Rhode Island's bench is going viral on Thursday.

The 2018 NCAA Tournament is under way, and the first game of Thursday's action is No. 7 Rhode Island vs. No. 10 Oklahoma. The Sooners currently lead the Rams by three at halftime, but the most viral moment of the first half didn't really come from any action on the court. Instead, it's from a player on Rhode Island's bench.

Near the end of the first half, Oklahoma's Kameron McGusty was hit with a travel call after he took four steps running through the lane on a shot. A player on Rhode Island's bench celebrated the referee's decision in style.

It's unclear which player pulled off the move.

Check it out:

This right here, ladies and gentlemen, is how you go viral during March Madness without even playing in the game.

Trae Young, through one half, hasn't missed. He's 4-of-4 with 10 points.

Oklahoma leads Rhode Island 35-31 at the half.