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Rhode Island's NCAA Tournament Uniform Is Going Viral

Rhode Island uniform.

The 2018 NCAA Tournament's first round is underway. We've currently got two games taking place.

The best one of the afternoon could be the first one that tipped off. No. 7 Rhode Island is taking on No. 10 Oklahoma.

The Sooners are in the lead after 20 minutes, despite Trae Young picking up two cheap fouls in the opening 20 minutes.

OU carries an 35-31 lead into the second half.

Another aspect of the first half: Rhode Island's uniform. The Rams' jersey is certainly bold.

Here's what it looks like:

It's a bold look, for sure. It's also a polarizing one.

Search "Rhode Island uniform" on Twitter and you'll get a ton of different opinions.

Is this going to be a jersey we're going to see deeper into March? Rhode Island is going to make a second half comeback this afternoon for that to happen.

The second half will begin in minutes on CBS.