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Rick Pitino's Message To Louisville Fans After The NCAA Sanctions

Rick Pitino during his interview with ESPN.

Tuesday, the NCAA announced that the University of Louisville had to vacate several wins, including the 2013 national championship. Today, former Cardinals' head coach Rick Pitino spoke.

The ousted Louisville head coach is, unsurprisingly, upset. He thinks what happened is unjust.

The Cardinals had to vacate their wins due to an investigation into the allegations surrounding former staffer Andre McGee. He allegedly arranged for parties for recruits featuring strippers and prostitutes.

Pitino understands that it shouldn't have happened, but doesn't believe that it gave Louisville any kind of unfair advantage.

"Did a few of [the players] partake in parties they didn't organize? Yes they did," Pitino said. "But that had nothing to do with an extra benefit. That had nothing to do with helping their eligibility or performance in winning that championship.

"Those parties did not enhance our players' ability to win a national championship or go to a Final Four."

Pitino says he hopes Louisville and its fan base does everything it can to keep honoring that 2013 national title.

"How do you take down a championship? They've earned it," he said. "You need to get an injunction. The NCAA, they have total autonomy. I'm sure Notre Dame is not going to let it happen, and neither should the University of Louisville, in my opinion. I wish I could do it. Unfortunately, I'm defenseless."

Pitino was fired by Louisville this past fall for another scandal resulting from the FBI's investigation into corruption in college basketball.