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Roger Goodell Comments On Donald Trump's Remarks About Women

Roger Goodell Donald Trump


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell spoke briefly about President-elect Donald Trump during an event today.

Speaking at the New York Times’ DealBook conference, Goodell was asked about Donald Trump's comments on women that emerged during the campaign leading up to the 2016 election.

Goodell says Trump's remarks make the league's job more difficult and affect him at home as well.

“It makes my job harder at home too,” Goodell said. “I have twin daughters and a wife so I have to explain that to them. So yes, on that front. Does it make it harder publicly? Listen, I think our country has to have more respect for one another, and we have to unite.”

Of course, Goodell is taking heat for these comments, considering the NFL's recent issues with domestic violence. This week, Goodell met with Annie Apple, the mother of New York Giants' rookie Eli Apple and a domestic violence survivor, in an effort to expand the league's efforts in dealing with domestic violence.

Maybe Goodell was just firing back at Trump for once saying he'd fire him if elected. Either way, many people feel these comments are hypocritical.

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