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There Is A 6-Foot-1, 250-Pound Little Leaguer This Year

Spanish Little Leaguer Ronald Vizcaino.

Every year, there is at least one player in the Little League World Series who looks like he could be playing at least High-A minor league ball. This year, that player is Ronald Vizcaino.

Vizcaino plays for Catalunya Little League from Spain. The team is representing the Europe-Africa Region in the Little League World Series.

He is listed at 6-foot-1, 248 pound, and plays first base and pitches for Catalunya. Best of luck to anyone that has to face this guy when he's at bat or on the mound.

Ronald Vizcaino is sure to make waves once we get into the heat of the Little League World Series.

He's already going viral on Twitter.

We don't know too much more about Vizcaino yet. Naturally, there isn't a ton of publicity for baseball over in Spain.

We're going to learn more very soon though.

Catalunya is currently facing Japan in the Little League World Series opening round. The game is being broadcast on ESPN.