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Ronda Rousey's Day At ESPN Has Been Very, Very Awkward

Ronda Rousey appears on ESPN's First Take.

Ronda Rousey has been going through the ESPN "car wash" today. It's been awkward.

This morning, the now-wrestling star appeared on Golic and Wingo. She had a brutal interaction with co-host Mike Golic.

Golic asked Rousey about the ending of her MMA career. He wanted to know when she knew - in her head, anyway - when she was done with the sport.

Rousey didn’t seem to understand the question. She said she “never” said that, seeming to think that Golic asked her about something she had said when he really just wanted some insight on her thought process.

Golic, taken aback, then asked her if there could be a point in time when she returns to the sport. Rousey thought (or acted) like he was asking her about time travel.

“I can’t travel back in time,” she said.

It’s a brutal clip to watch. But you can below, via Cork Gaines of Business Insider:

That wasn't the only awkward moment of the day for Rousey at ESPN. She had another one on First Take with co-host Max Kellerman.

Rousey seemed to think that Kellerman thought she was overrated as a fighter. She thought he was afraid to bring that up now with her on.

“I experienced a lot of people who quote ‘some people’ that are really just afraid to state their own opinion,” Rousey said.

Kellerman asked her if she thought that was his opinion and she just shrugged. He told her that he's always supported her.

“Well, thank you for your support. I appreciate that," she said sarcastically.

You can watch the full exchange below, via The Big Lead:

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